The Honorable Helen Sham-Hom,

Solicitor and former Liberal Member of the NSW Legislative


Sydney, Australia.

I am very happy that I took Concord Sunchih Premium and Vita-Cody. It increases my immunity, energizes me and also lets me sleep better. So I have taken it everyday, without fail. I want to share my happiness and the good news, to make sure people know there is a good product and they should use it too.

Pablo Barreto

Sydney, Australia.

I feel a lot more energy. The quality of my life has been greatly improved.



Mike Well,

Queensland, Australia.

I first came into contact with Concord Sunchih and Concord Vita-Cordy about 3 years ago, I am 60 years old, but I feel twenty years younger. I feel like I have got a new life.



Bean Kan

Sydney, Australia.

Wellbeing & immune system

We take the Concord Sunchih for general health maintenance and also to fight against colds or flu. We have been taking it for the last two years everyday, and we seldom have any flu....We also think that with a better immune system. I have recommended this to many of my friends and relatives. Even my brother (who has a PhD in pharmacology from Hong Kong Chinese university) is now taking the pill.



Daphne Costoulas

Queensland, Australia.

Immune system

I have muscle loss and pain, and chronic fatigue... In the short time I have been using Sunchih and PSP, I have seen a great improvement in all my symptoms and I am very confident that in time I will improve even more and all done with a natural product that has no bad side effects... I am so happy I have found this product and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you Concord!